A memorable body-to-body massage in Geneva

I had visited the Alps many times—during winter and in the summer, alone and with a companion, for long holidays and staycations, you name it. Whatever the circumstance, I always enjoyed myself. However, just when I thought I’d explored all the Swiss alps had to offer, a friend asked if I’d tried massage therapy on my many trips. 

And not just any massage, but the highly erotic Nuru massage. The short answer is that I’d never even considered it, which was unlike me, seeing as I loved massages. Well, I was now curious. That evening, I found myself searching for Nuru massage therapists in Switzerland

37 website tabs later, I had an email address, a phone number, and an image of a gorgeous woman. Her name was Lynn. From the picture on her website, she looked like she was in her early 30s. She wore a welcoming smile and a figure-hugging sleeveless yellow dress that accentuated her feminine appeal.  Her dreamy eyes had a seductive pull that kept me staring at them. 

I was hooked on the promise of a mindblowing body-to-body massage. So, I read a few reviews, and then clicked the “Book now” button. I filled in my details and scheduled the massage for next weekend when I travel for the staycation. 

The next day, I woke up to her email reply where she confirmed the booking, gave me a breakdown of the charges, and asked me to call in case I needed further clarification. Honestly, I didn’t know what else to ask. I was eager for the experience.

The following couple of days dragged by slowly, or so it seemed. But, eventually, the weekend came, and I was off to the alps for unexplored adventures. Lynn had sent her address so I could make my way there after dropping the luggage at the hotel. 

My reasons for having the massage on top of my itinerary list were first to get over my curiosity as soon as possible and, secondly, if the experience was subpar,  I could piggyback on other pleasures for the rest of my stay.

It was a 6-hour flight and a 30-minute drive to the hotel. Add 45 minutes to freshen up and a 40-minute uber ride to her location. The place was a luxurious residential area on a hilly landscape. I was really enjoying the sweeping views.

When we arrived at her front yard, she was standing outside on her lush green lawn. I wasn’t sure if she was waiting for something or simply enjoying the cool breeze. Well, there was only one way to find out—ask her. Therefore, I paid for the uber, got out and walked towards her.

“Hi, John here”, I said, extending my hand to greet her.

“Lynn here”, she replied while smiling and showing off her perfect white teeth.

Her hand was soft and warm and almost got swallowed by my big palm. I stared at her beautiful face in awe and almost forgot I was holding her hand hostage. 

“Let’s go inside. I believe you must be tired”, she said and pulled me towards the house.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take good care of you this afternoon”. I smiled and followed her lead. 

We walked into a long hallway inside the house, leading towards a spacious area with elegant seats. I spotted a sleek desk in the corner of the room, with a desktop computer and a few books.

I momentarily stood, taking in the room. It was beautiful. So was the woman in front of me, motioning me to follow her as she took the stairs. 

On the top floor, we passed two closed rooms and then walked into the last one, which was wide open. The place had a bigger-than-normal massage table, a couch near the door, a fluffy white carpet on the floor, and two paintings of a nude woman on the wall.

There were two oil bottles and three white towels on top of the massage table. It seemed she had everything planned out and only needed a body. Well, I was here, waiting for her to do with me as she pleased.

I watched in silence as she eased her body out of the big maxi dress and covered herself with one of the towels. “Let’s freshen up”, she said cheerfully while moving towards me, holding another towel in her hand. I was about to say I’d cleaned up at the hotel but decided against it.

I undressed, tied the towel to my waist and followed her outside the room. She opened one of the rooms we’d passed and ushered me into one of the most stylish and cleanest bathrooms I’d ever seen. It had an enclosed shower area, a spacious bathtub and a jacuzzi.

She opened the shower, checked the water temperature with her hand and asked me to join in. She had removed her towel and stood naked under the shower. I could stand there and watch the water hit her body all day. The view was breathtaking. I didn’t need to look down to know my penis was going against gravity.

“Come”, she said again, looking down at my bulge. I joined her but tried my best not to get in contact with her flawless skin. She was yet to tell me what was allowed and what she doesn’t allow, and I wasn’t one to try any limits. 

“It seems you like what you’re seeing”, she said while glancing at my erect manhood. Then, before I could say anything, she took the soap from a rack and started to lather every inch of my body. I closed my eyes when her soft hands got hold of my bulging penis and balls to clean. She took her time and seemed to enjoy the electric effect of her touch on my body.

When she finished with the legs, she handed me the soap and said, “your turn to clean me”. I thought she was kidding, but she guided my hand to her neck and said, “Start here”. So, I started lathering her masterpiece of a body, paying close attention to every curve and being extremely gentle on her soft skin.

The view of her pointed nipples, the feel of her bare back, and the softness of her ass were not what I expected when I packed my bags at home a few hours ago. I took my sweet time as she’d told me to. After all, she didn’t have clients the rest of the day.

After I was done, we dried up and walked to the massage room. She pointed towards the massage table, and without saying a word, I went and lay flat, facing down. She came and stood next to the table, opened one of the bottles and poured some oil on my back. Then, her hands started spreading the oil on my entire body. I was feeling good, and my nerves were calming down. But she stopped suddenly and didn’t move or say anything for a few minutes.

As I was about to raise my head and see what she was up to, I felt her weight on my back. She put her hands on my shoulders and glided her body on my back rhythmically. I felt her boobs moving along my spine, and it turned me on. Her thighs rubbed on mine, and the small hairs on her private area grazed on my ass.

My sensual stimulation was picking up fast, and I started to feel my erection growing again, despite the restriction by the massage table. As I neared peak arousal, she slowed down. I thought the sensual dance was over, only for her to turn and glide with her back. Her soft ass slid all over, and I wished she didn’t stop.

After a while, she got off and told me to turn over. But, to prevent my oily back from slipping, I stood up so she could spread towels on the table. Her body was glistening from the oil, and she looked like a goddessš—a sexy one at that. She didn’t waste time applying oil to my chest and the rest of my front part. My penis was pulsating with reckless abandon, and there was I could do to calm it.

Tactfully, Lynn got on top and started her sexy gliding. She moved up and down, rubbing her boobs on my chest while my manhood slid between her thighs. Every nerve in my body was on the brink of an orgasmic explosion. I could feel the sensual energy move around as she slid up and down seductively. My hands were instinctively moving up to hold her ass. 

I wasn’t sure if she was going to stop me. But, at this point, I was willing to play around and find out. I couldn’t take it anymore. When my hands got into contact with her hips and moved slowly to her behind, she moved her body up, held my gaze and smiled. She slid down slowly and let my shaft brush the mould of her vagina. I tightened my grip on her ass, spreading them apart. 

She continued moving while staring at me until my penis was pushing between her boobs. The tip came too close to her face. I could feel her breath caressing the soft, sensitive skin. Then, she opened her mouth as if to take it in but turned around instead. I cursed under my breath and almost begged her to finish me off.

She started gliding up on her back and stopped when my shaft rested squarely between her butt crack like a hot dog. I had my hands on her waist and was trying to move her up. Instead, she moved slightly and raised her ass to allow my penis to move in front of her. To date, I’m not sure how I hadn’t climaxed yet.

She took my hands, placed them on her nipples, and lay her back flat on my chest. Her ass was grinding on my groin, and the pussy lips rubbed on my shaft. I could feel her juices dripping and wondered how long she would continue with the sensual torture.

As if she read my mind, I heard her ask, “should I help you with that?” while pointing at my erection. “Yees!” was all I could manage under my breath.

She sat up in a cowgirl position, raised her ass, got hold of my shaft and lowered her wet vagina to the tip. She slowly pushed it inside her until it disappeared. The warmth and wetness felt amazing. I was sure I couldn’t last long inside there. 

She moved up slowly until the head was barely inside the lips, then moved down and repeated the movement while increasing the pace steadily. The squishing sound of her overly wet vagina, the view of her ass bouncing on my shaft, and her slow moans put me on the edge of an orgasmic explosion. My penis throbbed furiously and swelled inside her.

She started moving even faster, and just as I unleashed my load inside her, she spasmed, and her legs kept shaking for a whole minute. She turned to face me, and we lay there for a few minutes without saying a word. 

“That was the best massage I ever had. Thank you”, whispered in her ear. She propped herself up, looked at me and said, “You’re welcome”.

We cleaned up together and didn’t hold back when the caressing became overbearing. I left late in the evening and fell asleep immediately after I got to my hotel. I couldn’t think of anything else throughout my staycation but the touch of her skin on mine. Since then, I booked Lynn’s Nuru massage every time I visited the alps.