Dating Ideas: Speed Dating

There’re many ways to find a romantic companion. However, it takes time, effort, and lots of small talks to sift through different platforms and potential partners. These can be draining, and they still don’t guarantee a compatible partner. Well, you can save yourself from most of the unnecessary hassle by going for or planning a speed dating event.

Need help with how to go about it? Worry not! We’re here to give you a couple of ideas. We have your dating interest at heart. So, read on for the best speed dating tips to help you make the most of the event—and possibly find a good match.

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What Is Speed Dating?

Speed dating is a quickfire-like event for singles to meet possible love interests. It involves fun and interactive activities. Usually, there’s an equal ratio of participants who will then decide on their preferred matches after several rounds of interaction. If two participants express interest in each other (anonymously), they can give the organiser permission to share their contact details for further interaction.

Speed Dating Ideas for Hosts

As a speed dating host, here are some exciting ideas to implement:

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1. Find a Good Venue to Bring Together Like-Minded People

One of the greatest challenges with speed dating is finding people with common interests. You can avoid that as a host by picking venues that would attract like-minded singles. For instance, if you host your event in an art gallery, you can expect art lovers to show up, if it’s in a book store, then book lovers will be happy to come, and many other locations. This would provide good ice breakers and an even great foundation for possible relationships.

2. Pick an Interesting Playlist 

Good music helps to create a relaxing atmosphere for the attendees to interact freely. However, keep the volume low so people don’t have to shout.


3. Select a Theme for the Event

Create a theme for the event and use it as a guide for the dress code or to target specific singles. For the former, it will be interesting to see people dress up as different characters in a TV show or in outfits that rocked in the past decades.

Some fun themes to explore include:

  • Speed dating for pet lovers: The attendees show up with their pets and interact with other pet owners.
  • Speed dating for vegans: Makes it easy and convenient for people with similar diet habits to meet and find understanding partners. 
  • Friendly speed dating: You interact with other participants to get acquainted and become friends.
  • Tantric speed dating: You talk and explore different aspects of tantra, including physical touch. But nothing too intimate.

4. Encourage Attendees to Come With Friends

Speed dating can be nerve-wracking for some people. So, ask attendees to bring friends along for encouragement. Also, to have someone to talk to before the event starts and after it ends (if they didn’t find a match).

Speed Dating Ideas for Attendees

As an attendee, you should note the following:

1. Prepare Well

This is important as it helps you present yourself well, get all the necessary information from different matches, and enjoy yourself in the process. To start with, think about what you’d like to share, practice how you’d like to express yourself, write down questions you’ll want to ask your dates and think about the qualities you’re looking for in a partner.

2. Ask the Quirky Questions

Break the monotony of asking the same things to all your matches by introducing some quirky questions. Ensure it’s something interesting that will get the person thinking. Ideally, you can frame the questions differently. As a result, you’ll achieve the same goal and make the session interesting.

Other important considerations for guests include:

  • Show up on time and even try to mingle with the participants.
  • Familiarise yourself with the rules and follow each one of them.
  • Be respectful to everyone, even if you’re not interested in them.
  • Focus on the event. Avoid distractions by putting your phone on airplane mode or switching it off entirely.
  • Dress up to make a good presentation of yourself.

Benefits of Speed Dating

  1. Saves time and money: You can have multiple dates in the same place within a short period of time at a cost-effective fee (mostly the registration fee).
  2. Better than online dating: You meet your dates in person, so what you see is what you get. This helps to avoid any chances of catfishing.
  3. Safer: For starters, the date is in a public place with several other guests. Secondly, you don’t share any personal or contact details. So, if you don’t find a match, you won’t have to worry about any nagging or stalking after you leave the event.


Speed dating is one of the best ways to meet and mingle with other singles looking for companionship. Remember to take it easy and have fun. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in one event, you can always go to the next…