Experience the Best of Swiss Nightlife

Switzerland is a beautiful mountainous country with many lakes, alpine cities, and imposing peaks. Switzerland is a true haven for fans of culture, heritage, and contemporary art as a nation with a wide variety of galleries, museums, and music festivals. We’d say it’s a place you should go to!

Keep in mind Switzerland is more than simply a destination for tourists. Additionally, it has a vibrant nightlife. Its party-centred cities, with their breathtaking natural scenery, vibrant communities, and diverse inhabitants, provide a year-round schedule of clubs and concerts showcasing international stars and local artists.

Whether you are a party animal or more family-oriented, the doors of Switzerland are open to everyone. In addition, a location exists where you may relax and take in the nightlife.

To enjoy the best of Swiss nightlife, we’ve added a list of 9 items you should cross off your bucket list.

Let’s dive right in!

clubbing in kaflauten zurich

1. Go clubbing in Kaflauten, Zurich

Kaflauten’s sophistication and elegance convey a lot about the past. Famous nightclubs can be found in Kaflauten, which has hosted visitors like Madonna and Prince & Robbie Williams.

See Zurich’s gleaming boulevards, rowdy whispers on the town hall bridge, and yells and snarls in the bars and clubs.

The highlight is that you can have a special evening with someone special on the terrace.

night dancing at lusine in geneva

2. Spend the night dancing at L’Usine in Geneva

The most original and adventurous nightclub in Geneva, L’Usine, draws many young and diverse people. Every week, it hosts at least four events involving at least four different alternative music genres, such as punk, hard rock, hip hop, DNB, electro, and techno.

 It is the hub of the biggest and wildest concerts and parties in the city.

Enjoy a crazy evening in Geneva‘s main entertainment district.

drink at the penthouse bar in lucerne

3. Enjoy breathtaking views while you sip a drink at the Penthouse Bar in Lucerne

Visit this 360-degree rooftop bar as one of your must-dos to experience the best of Lucerne’s nightlife in Switzerland. The Penthouse Bar provides a classy, soothing atmosphere with amazing views of the mountains and a beautiful sunset over the city.

The trendy ambience, classy drinks, delectable foreign cuisine, and spectacular views of the city and the alps will make you feel like you are in the most luxurious spot on earth.

It’s a place to be seen and be seen!

cocktail at old crow in zurich

4. Savor your cocktail at Old Crow in Zurich

The Old Crow Bar, one of Europe’s most opulent and beautiful pubs, is situated in the back alleyways of Zurich Old Town.

With a focus on whiskies, The Old Crow Bar offers more than 1600 different spirits.

They also specialize in providing forgotten and unusual drink mixtures that are palatable.

Enjoy a blend of drinks according to your preference.

performance at bejart ballet lausanne

5. Watch a stunning performance at Bejart Ballet, Lausanne 

The second-largest city on Lake Geneva, Lausanne, mixes the atmosphere of a vacation resort with that of a bustling commercial hub.

There are also cultural and dance aficionados there.

Switzerland has plenty of surprises in store for ballet enthusiasts. The first is the Bejart Ballet in Lausanne, where you may see some of the most faultless performances and, if you’re fortunate enough to go there at the same time as the annual musical festival, even attend.

See a movie at KITAG Cinedome

6. See a movie at KITAG Cinedome 

KITAG Cinedome is a multiplex theatre with excellent seating options and high-calibre films located in Muri Bei Bern, Switzerland. Here, Hollywood blockbusters with French and German dubbing are broadcast. If you are concerned that it could be excessively pricey, relax; the pricing is exactly the same as those at Swiss movie theatres.

Sports bars and bowling lanes are available at the KITAG Cinedome, making it a great place to play with friends. They also provide a gaming area where you may enjoy playing entertaining activities like football, darts, and pool.

 KITAG Cinedome is a worthwhile destination if you want to enjoy top-notch entertainment while spending the night outdoors.

grand casino bern

7. Enjoy some fun till 5 am at Grand Casino Bern

The Grand Casino Bern, a part of the Kursaal Bern complex, has a unique location in the Swiss capital with panoramic views that extend from the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the medieval old town to the far-off, snow-capped Alps.

The Kursaal Bern complex includes the 4-star superior Lifestyle Hotel, fitness centers, the Allegro Bar, and the biggest banqueting and meeting spaces in the area.

There are also three award-winning eateries: The Michelin-starred Meridiano, The unmistakable Giardino, which serves exquisite Italian flavors, and The Yù, which provides an authentic combination of Asian delicacies and well-known global favorites.

With roulette, blackjack, poker, slot machines, a restaurant, two bars, and a smoking area, Grand Casino has enough to keep you entertained and your celebration going till the sun rises again.

Picking this casino will liven up your evening.

the baroque club in geneva

8. Move to the music at The Baroque Club in Geneva

The Baroque Club is the epitome of a Genevan evening. It was established in 1993.

The atmosphere at this club, which is in the heart of the city, caters to insiders and the sense of a small group.

 Given the lack of clubs in Geneva as a consequence of expensive rents and noise restrictions, this is the perfect place. Hence, if you’re looking for a free-rance club, go to The Baroque Club.

Discover great dance music, not to mention the club’s trendy and contemporary atmosphere. Even if the prices are costly, spending the night here with friends will be pleasant and rewarding.

dracula club

9. Visit Dracula Club to enjoy the greatest musical events

Gunther Sachs, the original Dracula, founded the Dracula Ghostriders Club in the middle of the 1970s. It is a legend of St. Moritz nightlife and offers its patrons and members a posh, opulent winter playground.

The luxurious five-star Kulm Hotel is home to one of Switzerland’s premier clubs for enjoying rich and exciting events.

Come to the Kulm Hotel’s underground den, which has a late-night nightclub and dinner club, enforces a coats-required dress code for guys, and offers seasonal parties and special events.

Dracula is known for its opulent nightlife and hosts the most prominent jazz festival in Europe. So enjoy your jazz now that you know where to go!


Switzerland has the world’s best nightlife. You will come across a way of life that is different from what you are accustomed to, which makes it special. The Swiss nightlife is really never-ending, and it offers delicious cuisine in addition to breathtakingly beautiful scenery. Whether you are in Geneva or Zurich, you will experience much splendor.

Take advantage of this by ticking off these 9 Swiss nightlife experiences in the major cities the next time you visit Switzerland.