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The whole idea behind our website is to help you find her… “Find Her”… “FindHer” was born!

One would prefer eyes, legs, hips, feet, breasts or buts. We prefer smiles and lips. Our logo will be beautiful, pulpy and sexy burgundy lips!

Our platform is a new experience in terms of services and design for new and regular users (escort and clients), we are improving our users experiences every day

We have also introduced a new service: the “Real Girl Friend Experience”. A client can propose on his/her profile one date in a public place, restaurant, bar or nightclub to spend time with one escort or many escorts, the escorts who are interested by the Real Girl Friend Experience can contact the clients directly, discuss the terms and conditions and enjoy the party.

Why register on FindHer ?

As Escort:

  • you have access to clients ready to spend money; our high class interface attracts spender.
  • you will be able to manage your profile autonomously and you will be able to suspend your profile to save time when you don’t work.
  • you can ask the certification of your profile by our team and quickly grow your revenue.
  • you will have access to new services as the Real Girl Friend Experience, why not enjoying a party with clients in a nice restaurant, bar or night club and then to decide how to end the party?
  • you can monitor your stats and follow the number of clients interested by your ad and your ranking.

As Client:

  • you can create your list of favourites services and girls, to be alerted when a new one is coming in town.
  • you can enjoy the Real Girl Friend Experience by proposing Escort Girls to join you in a party, for dinner or for a pleasant coffee.
  • you can leave comments on their profiles, they will enjoy it and they will certainly welcome you next time.

How my escort ad is working ?

To register and publish your profile on Findher, you must be 18 years old or more and you must have a Swiss mobile phone number.

During you registration, you will fill your description, select all your proposed services (we have a very exhaustive list) and upload your photos, selfies and video.

To publish your ad you can select 1 of our 3 plans:

  • Small Lips : your ad online for 1 week
  • Big Lips : your ad online for 4 weeks, with the possibility to pause it when you’re not working
  • Juicy Lips : your ad online for 12 weeks, with the possibility to pause it when you’re not working

Then you can boost your ad to get more views:

  • Lip Gloss: your ad brought on the top of the list every 30 minutes, for 1 week
  • Lip Stick: your ad brought on the top of the list every 30 minutes, for 4 weeks
  • Botox Injection: your brought on the top of the list every 30 minutes, for 12 weeks

You can also display your Ad on the website banner; at regional or national level:

  • Regional Smile for 1 week, 4 weeks or 12 weeks
  • National Smile for 1 week, 4 weeks or 12 weeks

When you are traveling you can pause your Big Lips or Juicy Lips plans and your days counter will not be debited. If you know your return date, you can let your clients know so they can get ready for your return.

You have access to a dashboard to monitor the performance of your Ad.

How do I pay my ad ?

  • Secure online payment par credit/debit card
  • Payment at the post office in Switzerland
  • Cash payment to one of our sales representatives

Why and How to certify my profile ?

  • Certified Escorts are generating 10 times more revenue
  • Certification directly on line by sending your ID (file will be deleted of our database after validation and will not be published anywhere on the web), or physically with one of our sales representatives.

What about the security of my information ?

  • We are following the rules of the General Data Protection Regulation.
  • You can choose to block your profile from IP based in certain countries, for exemple you can choose that someone connecting with one IP in Russia will not be able to see your profile.
  • You can ask us to delete permanently your profile from our database.
  • You have basically the right to create, modify, suspend or delete at any point of time your profile.

Is FindHer legal ?

Yes, the service in Switzerland is authorised since 1992.

Need Help ?

  • About your ad, you can go on contact us page.
  • For any health questions or legal nature, we suggest you refer to specialists, we recommend the association Aspasie based in Geneva. You can also directly contact Cantonale Police to register yourself as “Travailleur/Travailleuse Du Sexe (TDS)”.