Important Safety Tips for Escorts

Being an escort comes with its fair share of challenges. The main ones being safety and health. Especially for independent escorts who don’t have the muscle and backing of an agency. They’re forced to be extra vigilant when looking out for themselves. This article will look at crucial safety tips for escorts that helps them survive their trade.

This shouldn’t be interpreted as bad clients being the norm in the escort business, rather, they’re the exception. However, instead of waiting to find out—late, here are important safety tips to follow.

Protect Your Identity

First, you must maintain the highest level of anonymity that separates your work from your everyday life. Also, it ensures creepy clients can’t stalk and harass you or your friends and family. You should create a work persona, complete with an alias and a different number for communicating with clients. If a secondary number and phone are costly, consider using cheaper digital voice numbers, web-based answering services and apps.

Also, avoid talking about personal details before or during the meeting and don’t carry any ID or documentation. It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with a new or regular client, keep your personal life details to yourself.

Screen Your Client

While withholding your personal information, you should get as much detail about the client as possible. You can simply ask for their real name, contact, job, and hobbies. Then, use the data to do background checks online to confirm if they’re telling the truth. If you have a website for your escort service, you can curate the contact form to include spaces for all the important details.

Next, request to video call the client to see what they look like. It’s a good way to ascertain whatever information you might have found from your background check. In case something seems off, you might as well cancel the meeting before going any further.

Ask for the Date Location in Advance

If the client passes your screening, ask for the date location in advance. This information is to help you stay safe and dress accordingly. For instance, if the date starts at a social event before heading to their residence, let them share both addresses. Then, search online for details about the place’s safety. Hotels are much easier to search for because you can simply read reviews or call reception.

Now, if the location is a private residence, use google view or show up early to scope the surroundings. Warning signs to watch out for include multiple vehicles outside the premises suggesting that there could be more people, or loud music meaning there’s a party going on.

NOTE: Always meet in public first, then suggest going to a hotel room instead of a private residence.

Share the Date Details With Someone You Trust

Share all the details about your date with someone you trust. They’ll act as your escort agency, at least until when the date ends. You should check in with them before and after the date.

Additionally, give them real-time whereabouts. Even better, activate location on your phone or use apps that track your location and relay the data.

Get Your Transport

When offering outcall services, arrange your transport to and from the meeting. Don’t accept any transport offers, because then you’ll have to give your address to be picked up. Also, having your transport is convenient because you can leave the meeting at any time. If you’re using a cab, ask the driver to drop you off and pick you up after a specific amount of time has passed.

Be in Control

Your behaviour is the ultimate safety measure because most clients will treat you depending on how you carry yourself. So, you need to be assertive and confident. That means avoiding alcohol and any drugs that will impair your judgement. If the client wishes to drink, it should be in moderation. Immediately you notice they’re getting drunk, consider leaving.

Let the client know that you don’t want any hard drugs around during the meeting because that could get you in trouble with the law.

Keep Your Phone Battery Full

Always charge your phone battery to full capacity before meeting clients. The last thing you need is to be stranded or in danger with a dead phone. Plus, ensuring your phone stays on is the only way to keep the location tracker active so that your trusted friend keeps watch of your movement.

Clarify the Terms of Your Services

Ensure the client understands fully the terms of your service, the rates, and the mode of payment. Outline them clearly on the website, and you can reiterate them during your phone conversation or at the meeting. Be honest and upfront about your expectations and limitations.

Tell them you’ll only accept cash to avoid giving out your card or bank details. And, if possible, they should pay immediately after you show up. However, you may have to invest in a small note checker to flash out counterfeits.

Trust Your Gut

Finally, trust your gut. It’s hardly wrong. Speak up immediately if you notice any untoward behaviour making you uncomfortable, and leave if it persists.

Ultimately, you should follow all the rules you’ve laid out for your meetings with clients. They help to keep you on track and safe whenever your judgement fails.