Romantic Escapes: Zurich with your date

Zurich is a beautiful and tranquil city that offers love birds a much-needed escape to spend quality time and re-ignite their intimacy. It’s located in the heart of Europe and boasts a rich history, vibrant culture, iconic landscapes, and amazing architecture, to name a few. 

The city has a lot going on for you and your date to explore and enjoy. This article will take you through some of the best places to visit and things to do during your stay. Read on to discover Zurich’s romantic treasure troves.

How to Enjoy a Romantic Getaway in Zurich

widder hotel

1. Book a Romantic Hotel

Your first concern when planning a romantic escape in Zurich should be where to stay. Fortunately, there’re many luxurious romantic hotels within the city. Starting with hotels featuring panoramic views of Lake Zurich from their cosy rooms to those comprising magnificent features like rooftop swimming pools, thermal baths, and spas.

Apart from the aesthetics, you should also consider location, leisure facilities, dining options, and pricing. Read through their reviews online and see what other clients have to say. 

thermalbad huerlimann & spa zuerich, dachbad

2. Pamper Yourselves in a Thermal Bath and Spa

After a long travel, there’s no better way to clear the fatigue than pamper yourselves in a thermal bath and spa. It’ll be more convenient if your hotel features a spa or thermal bath. However, you can still go to some exclusive thermal baths and spas. 

For instance, the famed brewery-turned-spas and saunas on Brandschenkestrasse 150 | 8002 Zürich are idyllic for romance seekers. The rooftop thermal pools are peaceful and relaxing and provide sweeping views of the city’s skyline. 

muhlesteg bridge

3. Lock Your Love at the Mühlesteg Bridge

A romantic visit to Zurich would be incomplete without going to the sacred spot for lovers—the Mühlesteg Bridge. This is where many couples seal and secure their love using symbolic locks. Be sure to bring your own lock and use it to enshrine your love in one of the most iconic locations in Zurich. Later,  you could visit to check the status of the lock. 

lake zurich

4. Explore Lake Zurich

Lake Zurich is one of the most symbolic physical attractions in the city. Apart from marvelling at its beauty, lovebirds can enjoy many activities on the long crescent-shaped shoreline. First, take long walks with your date and bond with each other. The soothing sound of waves would be the perfect soundtrack to your romantic sojourn.

Second, the lake’s shoreline is ideal for an intimate picnic. All you need is something to spread on the ground and sit on; and food. You could even opt for snacks. Be sure to capitalize on the picturesque background and take photos of your lovely moments. Third, book a boat ride across the vast lake for a sightseeing tour. There’s a lot to see across the 42 km length of the lake.

During the warm weather, go for a swim in the lake, then bask on the lake beaches or go for a drink and food in the seasonal lake bars and restaurants, respectively.

old town

5. Visit the Old Town

The romantic charm of the old town is unmatched. It’s a perfect blend of medieval structures and modern culture. You’ll be surprised to learn that the best places to shop and party in Zurich are in the old town. Not to mention, sweet treats like Swiss chocolate bars, truffles, hot chocolate, and ice creams.

tuk tuk tour

6. Enjoy a Tuk-Tuk Tour

If you’re tired of walking around, hop on an electric tuk-tuk tour ride of the city. The open design of tuk-tuks enables you to see everything as you move around. Even more interesting, the tour package includes fondue and wine. The ride takes you through all the best spots in the city within one and a half hours.

kunsthaus art gallery

7. Go to Museums and Art Galleries

The tranquillity, rich history, and masterpiece art pieces found in museums and galleries provide great value to lovers seeking an escape. You can start with the Kunsthaus Art Gallery with its diverse collection of European art dating as far back as the middle ages. Next, go to the Swiss National Museum, housed in an 18th-century castle to discover Switzerland’s cultural history, then end your tour at the Rietberg Museum to see treasures from around the world.

uetliberg mountain

8. Go up the Uetliberg Mountain

For more scenic views of the city, you should go up the Uetliberg mountain. The beauty of this trip is that it starts with a train or bus ride to the base station, followed by a hike up to the viewing point. It’s a memorable experience when shared with a loved one.

At the end of the hike, you can reward yourselves with hot cups of coffee from the small cafe while taking in the breathtaking views of Zurich.

zurich chinese garden

9. Visit the Chinese Garden

Another beautiful and calm place to visit with your date in Zurich is the Chinese garden. You can chill by the lake and connect or walk on the pathways. If you wish to meditate, feel free to tap into your zen energy anywhere in the garden since it’s a temple garden.

didis frieden

10. Dine at a Romantic Restaurant

Finally, dine with your partner at any of the exquisite restaurants in the city. This is a chance to spend quality time together in a relaxing ambience, and sample Swiss cuisines and classic wines. Some of the best establishments include the clouds kitchen, Didi’s Frieden, La Rotisserie, and Swiss Chuchi.


As far as romantic escapes go, you can always count on Zurich to help you make a lasting impression. The entire city is a romance hotspot that would re-ignite and strengthen your love in unimaginable ways.