Tantric Massage Saved My Relationship

I can’t really tell when our once vibrant sex life slowed down. From regular orgasm-filled activities once or even twice a day to barely getting some in a fortnight. And, even when it happened, it felt more like an obligation to each other. I can’t blame age because we were still young and overflowing with vitality.

Between growing responsibilities, our blossoming careers, and life being life, we’d drift far off from the vast ocean of sensual exploration. But now we wanted it back and didn’t know how to reawaken the lustful energy. We tried to get it on in unexpected places to ignite the adrenaline rush from past trysts, but it didn’t feel the same. Something was missing.

Tantric Massage to the Rescue

I made it my sole mission to ensure we got our mojo back. More so now since we were trying for a baby. I read, researched widely, and talked to a few friends who had their bedroom affairs in order. It wasn’t long before somebody suggested a couple’s tantric massage.

Honestly, I wasn’t into massage therapy. I saw it as a bachelor’s thing; whenever they needed a quick release. So, I was a bit sceptical even as I made the call to a luxurious massage parlour. We’d asked for recommendations, searched the internet and done a few background checks before picking our preferred tantric masseuse specialists.

Seamless Booking

The lady who answered our call was professional, respectful, and friendly. She replied to all our inquiries about tantric massage therapy, and we openly told her what we hoped to accomplish. She outlined the terms of service and their expectations of us. Then, she asked when we’d like to book our in-call or out-call couple’s session.

After a few deliberations, we decided on an outcall service to enjoy the familiarity of our space and scheduled it for Friday afternoon. She asked us to have our place ready and promised to send their best tantric masseuses, who will bring whatever is needed.

Even with my scepticism, I became eager as the day approached. My wife took the initiative of buying fresh new towels, candles, and incense. I helped with the cleaning, and we decided to have the action in the living area. That settled, we went about our business and in no time, it was Friday!

They called midmorning to confirm the appointment and told us the masseuses were coming. Before long, the massage parlour’s branded van pulled up on our driveway. The driver was the first out, and he opened the door for two gorgeous ladies who came out with heavy bags that I imagined were carrying massage supplies. 

By now, my wife and I had come out to welcome them. The nametags perched on their chests read “Brooke” and “Chloe”. I shook their soft hands and went to help the driver offload two massage tables from the van. My wife directed the ladies into the house. The driver and I followed shortly after and set up the tables in the living area. He left immediately, saying he’ll be back for the masseuses. 

The ladies didn’t waste time setting up and spelling out the rules of engagement. Chloe, the outspoken one, was keen to let us know that we were not allowed to touch the masseuse or use foul language towards them. However, we should express ourselves and how we felt throughout the session. 

Also, she said our package was a mix of regular massage, tantric techniques and eroticism. So, we’ll have to strip down naked, and, if we liked, they could go all nude too. My wife turned to look at me when she said that, even though we’d discussed it and the consensus was for the masseuses to remain clothed. I looked at her, put my arms around her shoulder, and told Chloe about our decision. 

To everyone’s surprise, my wife cut me off and said, “actually, we should all strip down.” The masseuses turned to look at each other and grinned. I said nothing even though I was excited.


They asked us to clean up and put on our robes. Also, they inquired about an extra bathroom to freshen up too. 

My wife and I took turns washing each other from head to toe. The warm water helped to wash off some tension but did nothing to calm my visibly erect shaft and her pointed nipples. So, for a few minutes, while standing face-to-face in the shower, I held her face in my arms and went in for a deep kiss. It felt nice and was better than any kiss we’d shared in a long time. Our tongues danced seductively over each other while our hands were all over each other’s bodies. 

She went for my throbbing penis, and I felt my legs weaken under me. Slowly, she moved down into a squatting position and moved her tender hands to my balls. Her face was now inches from my manhood. I could feel her slow breathing on the head of the shaft, and it was mindblowing. Without warning, she started sucking on the tip while jerking the shaft. The wetness and warmth of her mouth felt heavenly. I closed my eyes and put one hand at the back of her head, grabbing a hand full of her wet hair. It only took a few strokes of her hand to get me to climax. I spasmed and let out a stifled groan.

I pulled her back up, kissed her and whispered “thank you” in her ear. “Your turn now”, I added and started kissing her neck. That was her weak spot, so she started heating up immediately. I didn’t want to waste any time and keep the masseuses wondering why we were taking so long. I moved down to her yoni and started playing with her bulging clit. 

I skillfully spread the labia with my hands and slowly inserted one finger in her warm, dripping honey pot. She put a hand on her mouth to prevent a scream from coming out. I worked my tongue on her clit and could feel it pulsing as I fingered her G-spot. Her legs started trembling, and I knew she was on the verge of orgasm. I increased my speed, and she climaxed immediately, squirting all over my beard.

I got up, we kissed, cleaned again and left the shower feeling relaxed and a little satisfied.

Best Erotic Massage

We walked into the living area to a beautiful site of two extremely beautiful, naked ladies motioning us to the massage tables. I could go into detail about their goddess-like physiques, but I was trying not to stare too long lest my manhood betrayed me. 

We lay on our backs fully naked and waited for the massage to begin. It wasn’t long before I felt a thick, warm massage oil on my back, and Brooke’s soft hands started rubbing every inch of my muscles. She was gentle but firm, and I could feel my muscles loosening up. 

She moved down slowly and stopped at my lower back before moving back up all the way to my neck. I felt great and completely forgot my wife was an arm’s length away and receiving a similar treatment, or better. I couldn’t tell. 

I could feel the masseuse’s hands move slowly and tactfully over my butt, massaging my thighs all the way to the feet. Almost instantly, the muscles and nerves began to ease up, and I felt the effect spread through the body. It got intense when she zoned in on the inner thighs. I found myself spreading my legs to give her enough room to work with. She took her time kneading my glute, and I was happy with her attention to detail. 

I tried not to get aroused by her tender touch, but it was futile because her hands kept brushing over my balls, triggering sensational lust waves through my spine. As I enjoyed every moment on top of the table, she stopped suddenly, and they said almost in unison “face up now”.

I turned around and looked at where my wife was, catching a good glimpse of her full hips and round ass. She seemed to be in a trance-like state as she gave me a calming smile and lay on her back.

Brooke poured more oil on her hands and began her artistic hand movements on my chest. She worked on the entire upper body, including my hands. Occasionally, she asked if I was okay, and I simply nodded in the affirmative.

At this moment, I was ready to draft a 5-page apology for my scepticism about massage therapy. The experience was satisfactory, and I didn’t want the masseuse to stop. She moved past my crotch area and massaged each leg interchangeably. As she started working on my erogenous zones, my arousal was at a tipping point. I wasn’t sure I would survive the lingam-cum-prostate massage without climaxing.

To my shock, I did! And it was all thanks to the power of tantra. I remember Brooke leaning to my right ear and whispering, “trust me and follow my lead”. Next, she encouraged me to take slow, deep breaths, and maintain eye contact with her. Before I knew it, our breathing ware synched, and I was drifting to unexplored levels of tranquillity. 

She proceeded to massage my sensitive parts, awakening a strong sensual desire. She brought me to the edge of a mindblowing release before spreading the high energy throughout my body. How? I have no idea. But now, every nerve was on overdrive, and an orgasmic wave was in control. It was a magical erotic ecstasy that went on for what seemed like forever. It’s hard to describe the out-of-body experience because I didn’t know my body could achieve such levels of sensuality.

The discovery was thrilling, and I was curious about more unravelling. I felt connected to the masseuse and surrendered fully to what she had in store. It was surreal. She triggered a power I never knew existed or even how it could lead to holistic sensual satisfaction. 

She kept tapping into different energy points and using them to heal my body—sensually, spiritually, psychologically, and physically. At the end of the session, I was relaxed, rejuvenated, and with a new sense of purpose. However, I took a while to sit up because I was in complete awe of what had happened. 

The masseuses were dressed when we finally put on our robes. They sat us down and asked about our experiences. “Amazing!” is all we could say. We thanked them and promised to book another session because they said we needed more to master our sensual potential. 

When the driver came to pick up the masseuses, my wife and I were cuddled up on the sofa and that’s where we stayed for the better part of the evening. During that time, we got intimate more than thrice and it was the best intercourse of our lives. We put the newfound sensual explorations to the test and guided each other around like artists drawing masterpieces. We took our time and it was therapeutic.

Instinctively, we knew our intimacy wouldn’t be the same again. And, we were all too eager to embrace whatever tantra had to offer for our sensual emancipation.